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My research laboratory focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative disorders. This includes Alzheimer’s disease (AD), ischemia and essential tremor. The laboratory has special expertise in AD and calcium signaling. My team investigates the calcium hypothesis in synaptic amyloid-beta protein (Abeta) buildup and tau  phosphorylation. Abeta and p-tau are the major AD pathological characteristics.

Using post-mortem human brain regions affected by Amyloid-beta and different mouse models of AD, we are studying specific proteins involved in the calciumopathy of AD pathology in order to identify key player that could yield insights into new AD therapies.

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S._Sokolow and A. Herchuelz. Hypnotiques-Anxiolytiques. Syllabus de Pharmacologie Speciale, 1ère édition, Presses Universitaires de Bruxelles, 2001 - 2002. (Hypnotics-Anxiolytics. Handbook of Special Pharmacology, 1st Edition, Press of the University of Brussels, 2001 – 2002).

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Funding and Awards


New Investigator Research Grant   
Agency: Alzheimer’s Association
Sokolow (PI) July. 2011 –2013
The proposal entitled:” Biochemical & functional analyses of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger in AD pathology”

Mary S. Easton Center for Alzheimer's Research at UCLA - pilot grant                                           
Agency: NIA
Sokolow (PI) Apr. 2011 –2012
The proposal entitled “Biochemical & functional analyses of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger in AD nerve terminals”



UCLA Faculty Diversity and Development. Faculty Career Development Award.                                               Fall 2011

14th International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease (ICAD). Travel Fellowship, Paris, France.            
July 16-21, 2011

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